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Tuesday April 17 and Wednesday April 18, 2012

He was not of an age, but for all time,” said Ben Jonson of William Shakespeare. In collaboration with Groundling Theatre Company, the Talisker Players explore the marriage of music and words in new and exciting ways, as we celebrate the great Bard, whose plays and poetry have inspired countless artists, in every possible form, over the four centuries that have passed since his death.


NORINE BURGESS, mezzo soprano

Members of GROUNDLING THEATRE COMPANY - Graham Abbey, Artistic Director


Howard Blake: Shakespeare Songs for mezzo soprano and string quartet
Jean Coulthard: Three Sonnets for mezzo soprano and string quartet
Igor Stravinsky: Three Shakespeare Songs for mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, viola
Alexander Rapoport: Shakespeare’s Aviary for mezzo soprano, clarinet, viola, piano
Mark Richards: That Time of the Year for mezzo soprano, flute, cello, piano


William Shakespeare, adapted by Graham Abbey: The Breath of Kings
In collaboration with Groundling Theatre Company


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